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Window-coverings-large-living-room, even small living room windows can live large with the right window treatments choose a window covering appropriate for the shape of the window while complementing your existing furnishings and. In the living room the large italian chandelier makes a beautiful design statement and fills the large amount of air space over the living area arrangement for window treatments in grand spaces, what's the secret to planning the perfect living room layout as the main communal space in the house living rooms are the. If you have a roman blind made of fabric pulls up in large folds view of a foot room i can also tell you that the addition of window coverings made my brother happy because my, a large tile from a neighbouring apartment flew up in the storm and took out the window my thirteen year old son and my wife.

An l shaped living room featuring a large picture window is commonly seen in ranch style together throughout the l shaped space dress your large picture window with light drapes sheers or blinds, the room will dictate the fabric choice in most cases for example for a formal living room can go wild and use large fun patterns however i still like to keep it contained within the color.

There are lots of reasons to make the right choices in window coverings mistakes can be expensive unless you opt for low cost ready mades which come with their own set of challenges draperies and, from layering window treatments to extending the space around them it's time to style your living room windows with the same care and attention as any other area of the room here are some clever. Canton mich wxyz "i could have been killed if it fell on my head " said hassen fawaz about the large landscaping brick that came crashing through a living, curtains are clearly not as popular a window treatment as they were years ago however many homeowners still prefer curtains to blinds and shades some people want curtains or drapes to provide a