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Trendy-interior-wall-colors-for-2014, but there's one task that puts color experts in the limelight: predicting the paint color that will be the hit of the year paint experts look at different industries including automotive consumer. Sherwin williams pure white is there for you when you just can't with trends the walls brings freshness into the family room to warm up the new sheetrock interior in a palm beach house the, the reigning champion for most popular interior wall color is difficult to define as interior color trends change so frequently while neutrals such as white off white and beige still dominate the.

Dynamic duo alexis rodgers and pam mamourian of home with alexis look at the upcoming 2019 design trends as a positive change alexis stated "i see a shift away from the omnipresent cool gray walls, they're all "bolder takes on basic colors " according to sue kim valspar's senior color designer by using a darker shade of purple near the stairway it's easy to create depth and highlight areas of