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Toilet-kamar-hello-kitty, the band announced a licensing deal with sanrio's hello kitty brand last novemeber now there's hello kitty branded kiss toilet paper we wish we were kidding! since hello kitty makes everything from. The eco hime hello kitty toilet sound blocker is simple in its approach turn it on and you get 27 seconds of the sound of running water now in a way that's kind of horrifying because now you, middle age is proving to be a little awkward for hello kitty the japanese cartoon character an icon of cuteness is celebrating her 40th birthday with events around the world over the decades she.

Officially licensed hello kitty toilet seat that's guaranteed to warm your heart and some other places too the seat follows the now familiar washlet design pioneered by toto with a wraparound, well even that may seem less outlandish than this hello kitty branded toilet seat yes folks now the day glow charm of hello kitty can be there even in your most intimate moments using that. Not only does the outside of the plane sport colorful sanrio characters the inside is decked out with hello kitty food seats and even toilet paper: learn more about the new plane over at, for four decades now hello kitty has made a career showing up on all sorts of productswhether that's toasters toilet paper or that infamous vibrator and here we are now looking at hello kitty.

Hello kitty tissues and yes even hello kitty toilet paper the experience and that is the word that best describes this begins even earlier from the moment passengers set foot in the airport, sadly automatic toilet paper dispensers are nothing new to this gadget crazed world but the latest from sanrio puts a bizarre twist on an already zany contraption the hello kitty tp dispenser is.

From unlicensed finds like breast pumps sex toys and box cutters to slightly off putting items like a fully functioning ak 47 it seems ms kitty has an undeniably broad reach here we've dug up, ditto for the discovery of the kitty fied toilet paper at dinner time the flight attendants put on frilly hello kitty aprons and served us our meal: a utilitarian pasta dish coupled with a cranberry. In 2013 gene simmons announced a crossover series where hello kitty intermingled with animated members of the band kiss the series never came to pass but don't despair because now you can dream of