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Pictures-of-kroger-birthday-cakes, johnson wrote in a facebook post that he was on a trip to his local kroger supermarket the two images "now there was a grin on his face where in the earlier picture a sad defeated man was. Officer adam hardwick had his wife buy a chocolate cake at kroger the next day after his visit then he and officer mel romans returned and sang happy birthday to her their lieutenant had pictures, woman 'drop kicks' kroger cake saying it was 'ruined' a bloomfield township kroger customer unhappy with her custom birthday cake the kroger manager told police detroit free press kroger pays.

Police in bloomfield township are investigating after local kroger employees said a woman upset with a pre ordered birthday cake for her son drop kicked the cake in the store and walked out officers, she reportedly took the cake back to the front of the bakery counter and quickly enacted revenge on the offending confection by pulling out her best drop kick move and sending pieces of the pastry. A michigan woman has been accused of causing an uproar at a grocery store after drop kicking a custom birthday cake for her seven year old because she was unsatisfied with how it looked police are, bloomfield township mich a woman who was accused of drop kicking a birthday cake at kroger is in the news again after police said she was involved in another dessert related caper slapping a.

A bloomfield township woman accused of drop kicking a special order birthday cake she didn't like inside a local kroger store is set to be charged with disorderly conduct according to police police, tricia ann kortes the angry kroger customer who drop kicked a birthday cake in the middle of the bakery department admits she needs to do a better job of controlling her temper "i apologize for my.

An innocent birthday cake felt the wrath of an angry mom last weekend in michigan police in bloomfield township located about 25 miles northeast of detroit are investigating after a woman