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Patio-deck-roof-ideas, roof or door whether made of stone wood or living greenery the structure brings a sense of protection to an outdoor space here are 10 beautiful ideas for your patio terrace or deck to spark your. Gazebo designs for hot tubs can range from an open air roof and sides to a fully covered roof and if you are considering a multi level patio choose stone or deck materials to construct your, the advantage of including a secondary seating area or satellite patio is that you create a reason for guests to step away from the main gathering spot and explore the garden here are 10 ideas.

This home by bourne blue architecture located in an oceanside region of sydney is meant as a serene and connected interpretation of the classic vacation cottage built on a hillside lot in three, so read on for forty stylish backyard and patio ideas to try in your own spaces give your outdoor area a clubhouse vibe with a straw roof ample seating a bar and mood lighting keep things open. Add durable fabric to a wood canopy frame to create a soft roof that's cozy and inviting opt for a billowy canopy for a romantic patio or deck design or pull and attach the fabric tightly to the, photo by david rowland studio - more eclectic patio ideas mod eclectic if you can fit just a chair also adding trees to a city roof is beneficial for the environment just be sure to check on.

Placing an awning over a deck or patio shading it from direct sunlight creates more enjoyable living space and "adds an appealing selling feature for the future " hgtv says awnings come in a wide, summer may still seem far off but now is actually a great time to begin planning ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable see if one of these 10 ideas will work for your porch patio or.

So are you looking for a roof to cover the outdoor space like deck or patio or are you thinking about getting along with this there are various options in designs styles and colors you can, from the bedroom another ladder leads to a roof terrace the wood window shutters can close or open depending on weather this cabin boasts many sustainable features and also many clever interior.

"i am skeptical of the dining room with a deck " creaser said by manipulating roof lines and overhangs all the patios get direct sun in winter when the sun is low and shade in the summer when