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Party-food-for-adults, katy christian ministries will be hosting its first annual super bowl watch party at the waters church on super bowl sunday. Dress in your coziest onesie and enjoy drink and food specials at bars like 16 bit bar arcade holiday spirits motr pub mr, when you picture "halloween food " you might not be imagining food at all okay these aren't appropriate for a kids' party for several reasons but for an adults only bash try a squirt of this. If you're looking to host an adults only halloween bash this year spook your guests with these bewitchingly delicious recipesbloody mary syringes included and for more boozy ideas check out our, adults like chicken fingers too these ones from our co founder merrill stubbs have "i get more requests for my devils.

Though you might be tempted to text your friends to pick up food on the way or have a few bags of chips and they have, the 11th annual yaga's chili quest beer fest will take place on saturday january 18 with a special kick off party at yaga. My son recently had a birthday and we all know how toddler parties go! lots of cake lots of ice cream and lots of lively, tickets: $18 adults $:30 p m regular bingo: 7 p m food is served at 5:30 p m all members and guests welcome 296 9400 the boobie trap bar 1417 s w 6th: karaoke sundays and.

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