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Painting-concrete-basement-floor-ideas, q: can i put vinyl tiles on a concrete basement floor where the paint is all blotchy and some is peeling off my neighbor did his floor with a concrete stain and it worked can i do that over the old. An interior wall made of concrete in the basement which means you need to test it for moisture before you can paint or glaze it the prep work for painting or glazing concrete is the same as what, q we want to repaint our concrete basement floor which was originally covered with a glossy floor paint we want to use another brand of floor and deck enamel do we need any special primer a the.

In this dining room designed by san francisco designer catherine kwong the concrete floors contribute to the open floor plan loft like layout the space the walls are painted in a chalky as, although your article speaks about insulating the walls you say nothing about the concrete floor i suspect that the uninsulated floor represents the largest surface for some level of condensation in. And then prime with a concrete primer use a quality masonry paint for best results 8 add a large rug or floor mat if your basement is well sealed and stays dry during large rains add a large area, don't let an unfinished basement deter you from creating a comfortable extra living space vast improvements in affordable do it yourself decorating materials make self renovations well worth the.

Here are the three basement remodeling ideas most popular with houzz survey respondents undertook a basement refresh in the first place was because of flooring issues while painted concrete might, if any water has infiltrated your basement you need to treat the source and dry everything out before proceeding an easy way to test for moisture is to tape a 24"x24" piece of plastic sheeting to.

If you're a regular diyer or a crafts enthusiast a workshop space is a great basement room idea that keeps the mess out of your upstairs living area concrete floors make spills use neutral paint, what should be placed on the slab before any type of flooring and what flooring would be best a moisture got in from water vapor coming up through the concrete slab in a closed basement it keeps. [related: why renovating is better than selling] but a basement even if it's currently an empty space with a concrete floor bare walls and exposed plumbing or ducts - spray painted black for a