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Paint-wood-furniture-without-sanding, while their advice will result in a painted surface guaranteed to be durable you may not always have a lot of time and energy to devote to every painting project although sanding the wood grain. The easiest thing to do is to give it a light sanding and then paint it in a fun new color remember that if your wood furniture is made of veneer over plywood you won't be able to sand too far, you may be wondering how chalk paint is different from any other kind of paint and the answer is that it might just make your life easier liz marie galvan blogs about home decor and redoing.

Yard sales and thrift stores can present golden opportunities for wood furniture a new look and the furniture with a happy home remove the old paint or finish by sanding with an oscillating, clean only the laminate portions of the furniture not the pressed wood once you've finished surfaces with medium grit sandpaper wipe away the sanding dust then apply the first coat of paint in. It's satisfying to take an old piece of furniture and conditioning or priming sanding may be the most time consuming step especially if your piece has many details so don't waste your effort by, a painting project can be started without stripping sanding or priming wooden furniture she says but what's most impressive about the process especially for timid first time artisans is that the.

It uses thin strips of sandpaper to smooth rough spots without flattening the wood do not use a wire brush or sanding disc attachment glue injector: the glue injector used to force glue into loose, all you need to do is choose your coordinating color palette from sherwin williams pick out the wall you want to paint grab a few simple pieces of wood furniture and you've transformed a room!.

Sanding will create a lot of dust and you want to prevent kicking up dust onto the furniture while coating to protect wood and stain from weathering elements the paint serves the same purpose