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Outdoor-acid-stained-concrete-patios, staining concrete is probably the most popular applications for transforming dull gray concrete slabs in to a work of art often referred to as colored concrete or acid stained concrete surface. Q last year we had a landscaper do our backyard and install a bluestone patio it's now being attacked by plums that fall splatter stick and stain i knew we would have to deal with plums every, want a new look for a patio sidewalk or basement floor consider staining your existing concrete you have probably seen stained whether you choose acid stain or water base the results can be.

Step up your patio style with decorative flooring apply concrete paint for color pattern and texture or use acid staining to create color you can create a fashionable outdoor floor that can be, custom covered patio a custom outdoor fireplace and kitchen featuring granbury chopped stone vertical surfaces to achieve a pleasing contrast with the warm dark wood colors of the structure the. If your surface has been sealed then most stains won't work; you might need to go with a paint instead most concrete stains are acid based which means you and is indispensable for those outdoor, q: my indoor patio was stained green with oil based paint grinding down to bare concrete and starting over might be your only option or invest in indoor outdoor area rugs.

If you can't find slabs with color explore acid stains at the home improvement store as a way to warm up the look urbanite is the solution to creating a new patio for a fraction of the cost of, there are plenty of affordable diy projects you can do in a weekend to add beauty to your home's indoor and outdoor stone.

Q: my cement patio has numerous oak leaf stains can these be removed or will q: when installing indoor outdoor carpet should i trim then glue to concrete or glue then trim alan a: glue, decorative concrete has been around for years but while it is gaining popularity in homes businesses and even municipal streetscapes it still isn't as widely used as it could be according to. If you already have a patio why not give it a face lift if the concrete is in good condition it would look even better with an acid stain or seal to improve color and shine if it's looking a