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Mug-cake-calories, fried bacon fried eggs sausages baked beans fried tomatoes fried mushrooms black pudding and buttered sliced toast oh. Turn the mug upside down on a plate and remove the cake top with whipped cream if using and a dash of cinnamon nutrition per serving : g protein 20 g carbs 5 g fiber 1 g, mix the flour and baking powder mix in a separate bowl the egg sugar oil zest and juice combine the two mixtures pour batter into a greased mug microwave on high for 90 seconds cool in mug. Mix all ingredients except peanut butter together in mug until evenly combined microwave 30 seconds stir well and microwave another minute if cake still looks wet microwave another 15 30 seconds, spoon mixture into mug microwave 35 seconds if cake doesn't look set cook another 10 seconds allow cake to sit 1 minute after removing from microwave.

Preparation: lightly coat inside of mug with cooking spray in small bowl beat egg with a spoon mix in softened cream cheese ricotta cheese oil and vanilla extract add baking powder, it's a cake in your mug after one minute it's high in calories too. Preparation: lightly coat inside of mug with cooking spray in small bowl beat egg with spoon mix in pumpkin oil and vanilla extract add baking powder cinnamon nutmeg ginger brown sugar, betty crocker's mug treats offer just such an opportunity and it melted nicely down into the warm cake each cake has 340 calories with 8 grams of fat for the cinnamon and 9 for the chocolate.

This caramel apple mug cake is mighty in nutrition: at only 315 calories with 9 grams of fat total it packs in a good amount of protein 9g fiber more than 6g and calcium 22 percent of your, this oreo mug cake is so simple you don't need to be an expert baker to make this rich and chocolaty dessert plus this recipe only requires five ingredients four if you want to skip the extra.

We praise the genius that came up with the idea of cake in a mug even a college student incapable of cooking anything but instant ramen can learn how to make a mug cake with a mug a microwave