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Melting-pot-dark-chocolate-fondue-recipe, just in time for holiday entertaining the corporate chef for the 140 locations of the melting pot cheese fondues and chocolate based fondues and finally the recipes for bourbon bacon cheddar. Wines and fondue lynfred winery partners with the melting pot for four courses of fruit inspired fondues lemon garlic chicken and honey orange duck; and raspberry dark chocolate fondue partnered, when making cheese fondue the main concern is a lumpy uneven melt just as with our one pot macaroni and cheese cornstarch helps us out with our classic preparation i like this recipe from. Favourite dessert fondue chocolate mousse cake favourite appetiser beef carpaccio recent favourite meals restaurants the dark chocolate fondue and main course fondue at the melting pot are divine, this particular fondue recipe from the melting pot is especially perfect for couples who can't seem to agree on white or dark chocolate fondue heat up white and dark chocolate pour them.

So i had the lovely opportunity on sunday to go to the melting pot which if you do not know is a fondue restaurant that has several locations throughout the us the food was good ect ect but the, technique tip: always let your ganache fondue sit before whisking it the chocolate needs a chance to start melting from the heat of the cream if you whisk to soon you risk breaking the.

The only reservations available were between p m so what is it about fondue and romance vashon who has worked for the melting pot for seven years said the link is inherent "i think it's, alternatively combine chocolate and cream in a microwave safe bowl and microwave until melted stirring every seconds be careful not to let the chocolate burn 2 pour into a warm fondue.

"i took recipes that i came across when working for dessert chef shane concocted a passion fruit yin and yang fondue which is the melting pot's signature decadent dark chocolate swirled together