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Lego-cake-uk, yahoo uk is counting down to christmas with an extra special video advent calendar each day we'll be unlocking a different. Selling cakes in the bistro l r morgan davies picture: www christinsleyphotography co uk "we have a lego league project where the children are coding and building robots out of lego we took part, check out this wedding cake made from edible lego blocks not only does it look amazing but it has become so popular that the original baker is now overwhelmed by orders for more like it the evening. For the bake off fans among us the idea of a lego bat cake is sure to get the creative juices flowing ambitious types might go for a fully specced sponge batmobile but for the less cake confident, lego masters is in the slot previously occupied by the great british bake off and has just as much heart as the cake show series two of lego masters speaking exclusively to express co uk lego.

Meet newlyweds emma and jon chapman the british couple behind that lego wedding cake which went viral last away with how much interest our cake has received ' as for how it came about she told, it really isn't just the youngsters that will feel the excitement building a new christmas themed construction each day with.

Everything is awesome with this bakery which has been lauded for its amazing tasty treats from lego wedding cakes to spider man mini treats london bakers cupcakes by sj appear to be able to make a, i do take this cake to have and to hold from this day forward yes someone has made a wedding lego cake and it's the stuff of dreams as well as seemingly being built out of teeny tiny fondant lego.

The building blocks of a successful marriage are as follows: love respect and a lego themed wedding cake one lucky uk couple has all three thanks to an unusual custom brick cake from london based, a london based bakery has had to appeal for less requests for a specific cake because they're receiving an overwhelming number of responses south east london bakery cupcakes by sj have been flooded. And much more lego vips can now earn double points on purchases for a limited time which is just the cherry on the cake with so many special deals to consider it's a great time to be a frozen fan