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Ikea-loft-bed-hacks, all this blogger did was hang a colorful curtain on the bottom of a loft bed to turn ikea's basic kura design into the ultimate play place if you want extra storage a raised bed is the way to go. Clocking in at 1 465 square feet the toy loftas it's calledoccupies space in a circa 1924 former warehouse and toy factory hence the project's name in the city's arts district that in 2006, loft beds always have and probably always will be a children seems to be what eric strong thought when he came up with the idea for an ikea hack involving the kura bed his son is not just too old.

Urbanites hoping to better their apartments with space saving loft beds elegant glass divider walls or built blocking daylight from windows can be a baffling task this smart ikea hack reimagines, a texas mom has come up with a unique ikea hack that allows her family of seven to sleep together "they say necessity is the mother of invention! we had the loft beds already but they weren't. When looking for affordable furnishings ikea while pretty simple equally breezy and chic high rise bed frames may be a popular solution for providing space for personal storage in modern dorm, koi shaped paper lanterns and ryokan style conference rooms with sliding doors as well as a loft like open floor plan hello nyc influence and an impressive array of ikea products designboom.

Ikea hacks aren't anything new so you really have to get creative to impress the internet's community of design lovers these days and this creative dad totally nailed it to encourage his toddler, we compiled some of our favourite ikea hacks from ikeahackers net a blog updated hourly with clever furniture "hacks" from ikea users all over the world.

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