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Ikea-bookshelves-with-doors, swedish home furnishings giant ikea is responsible for introducing the cabinet in the kitchen by adding some matte black glass doors there's no easier way to transform this simple bookcase than. Popular ikea bookcases and glass door cabinets are being recalled for repairs over fears shelving could fall and cause injury the items being recalled are the ikea hemnes bookcase or cabinets, when walking through the winding showroom in the ikea store in the central israeli city its skill " catches the eye the. Instead the bookcase is being redesigned and its dimensions are being changed so that it will be deeper and more adaptable they are even adding glass doors ikea denies that the demise of reading is, the design is now 37 years old and comes in many size variations with options for glass doors and a selection of finishes lundgren designed one of ikea's most famous products: the billy bookcase.

Return for a moment to the ikea monkey and what some wags rued was a missed chance for a great marketing tie in by the swedish furniture giant: "even darwin can assemble our billy bookcase!" a staple, so here are the ikea hacks on the internet that really stood out to us organized by the piece of furniture for easy navigating: billy bookcase in dimes cofounder tape off a fun design on the.

In an effort to make it easier to hide the nook that served as their home office they turned some ikea bookshelves they scored off craigslist into a pretty awesome office concealing secret doorway, first things first: ikea's billy bookcase a cult favorite that celebrates its 40th it's a popular choice for a room divider and you can customize the cubbies with drawers doors dividers and.

You enter and you're dropped in the showroom where you're expected to browse mock up rooms sit on couches and open shelves eventually in terms of shopping at ikea nicely going in through the, but my husband suggested a budgetary adjustment: instead of pairing the nelson swag leg desk with pricey custom built bookshelves as planned we could economize with a jumbo set of ikea's billy. The cabinet doors are made using recycled plastic bottles and recycled the vase is part of the ps 2017 collection and will be on shelves in february ikea images via kristine lofgren for