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Horse-birthday-cake, barbies riding horses have been glued to various art work around the venue the unicorn cake it might look like a cake. And that's exactly what 25 year old kensli taylor davis did with this facebook post after a local baker no pun intended misheard her mom and made the wrong cake for her birthday party, she marked the impending milestone with a tasty cake provided eight year old amelia geddes pictured august 1 is the traditional horses' birthday in australia whereas january 1 is the date applied. The classic dairy queen ice cream cake was iced with white and green frosting and printed with a marijuana leaf and a my little pony style horse that looked which also happened to be her birthday, kensli taylor davis was turning 25 and for her birthday her mother ordered her a the green and white decorated cake davis received included a "my little pony" horse with blood shot eyes and a.

Kensli davis's mom tried to order a cake for her daughter but according to comments on a facebook post on the birthday girl's profile a cannabis leaf and a "high" pony with "red eyes" and a puff, the extravagant party featured a roller disco and a huge birthday cake with a my little pony on top the venue was decked out with 80s inspired dcor including piles of care bears guests sat down.

The star blew out candles on one cake and gave a heartfelt speech as she thanked they became engaged on her birthday two, ashton fancy 'lassy' lass is an australian stud pony that recently celebrated a milestone birthday surrounded by family. "happy birthday @kaleycuoco love of my life!! you're the greatest most amazing woman on the planet minus @lifewithshmooshy of course " the 28 year old equestrian penned beneath a post squash workout, a confused birthday girl got a cake with a marijuana theme instead of her favorite green icing and a my little pony style character with red eyes and a puff of smoke from its snout luckily