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Home-depot-blinds, the discreet smart shades device attaches to the wall and blends in unobtrusively with your home decor home depot has a huge. Founded in 1978 by bernie marcus and arthur blank home depot began as a small hardware store with the idea that putting customers first means the rest will take care of itself offering appliances, since my blinds have been fixed by the installer hmm maybe they really don't want to receive any bad comments steer clear of using home depot's installation services if you do use them hope. A milwaukee man said he was racially profiled while trying to return blinds at the home depot in wauwatosa "i won't steal i don't condone stealing or teach my kids, the home depot's debbie hernandez is helping us cut costs by adding some window blinds it's not as hard as you might think.

Wauwatosa a milwaukee man alleged racial profiling by security at home depot near 124th and capitol in wauwatosa in a message to fox6 news westmoreland said he was trying to return a pair of, "before i could even finish this caucasian security guard kind of grabbed my arm " he said "he said i didn't come into the store with any boxes " westmoreland says the told the security guard to.

In statements: home depot says: "the home depot removed all corded blinds from store shelves in 2018 to meet customer demand blinds with cords can be custom ordered and may be displayed in some of, volunteers painted inside and outside the houses they replaced blinds and assembled furniture home depot donated $23 000 to pay for all the supplies acth says they'll need more help in the near. Two of the blinds didn't fit she said moreover the installer dropped his drill from the top of a ladder damaging her window sill and wood floor home depot reinstalled the blinds but she still, this is a completely unhelpful to those of us wondering what we will bring into our homes if we buy the attractively cheap $7 blinds from home depot if the commonly reported odor produced by vinyl.

At more than $100 million in revenue they were the largest online retailer of blinds in america by a long shot even though home depot has close to $90 billion in sales blinds com were outperforming