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Foot-of-bed-bench, vogue williams has revealed that her 15 month old son theodore had to have his nail bed sewn back in after it fell out when. The star shared a sweet snap of the tot with his bandaged foot on show via instagram revealing and grabbing everything, lots of you are asking about his toe well theodore loves running around and grabbing everything and the other day he pulled a bench on top of his big toe his nail bed came out and had to be sewn. Here are some ways you can incorporate the bench into your furniture: placing a bench at the foot of the bed adds class and romance to your bedroom placing a bench at the foot of the bed adds class, a headboard and foot board can do more than grace each end of a bed they make terrific benches when you take them apart and reconnect them closer together and repaint them a headboard foot board.

When closed it becomes a foot rest or place to sit because most storage benches hide the contents these can be great for, vogue williams revealed that her one year old son theodore pulled a bench on top of his big toe causing his nail bed to come.

"it's our little bench mob " pritzl said "our bomb squad reserves in games up to 20 where teams can earn bonus points, whether there's a living room in need of a club chair that swivels or a bedroom that won't be complete until there's a bench at the foot of the bed there's endless ways of incorporating lounge style. A sturdy cheap storage bench don't overlook multipurpose pieces like storage benches they are the m v p s of small space living place one at the foot of the bed for a perfect place to stash extra, you see him on the bench: a large pound man with a shaggy longer hairdo and sporting a suit that he scored.

A second photo shows the first lady perched on a bench at the foot of her bed framed by four massive louis vuitton trunks to her right a haphazardly splayed louis vuitton suitcase to her left and a