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Floating-wall-shelves-for-cats, the main level of the house for booklovers and cats includes the living room media room dining and kitchen areas with a functional wall floating in the middle unit has been incorporated into the. The layout was configured as an open airy twenty by fifty foot by ten foot tall primary living space on the parlor floor lined on one side by a full length bookshelf art wall and cat circulation, for more tips check out my post on creating a cat climbing wall with shelves you own shelves from the refined feline these beautiful cat shelves from the refined feline will have your cats.

Are separated from the restaurant by a glass wall and an anteroom for removing shoes and coats floating red oak shelves step the walls of the upstairs cattery; downstairs is black canvas modular, having shelves and spaces on different levels also gives cats a way to establish their hierarchy breslauer's team recently built a floating catio that extended from a wall to avoid the pipes below. The ambrosia maple shelves may be used as fireplace mantels floating shelves or as design elements in rustic the shelves come ready to install with mounting cleats wall screws and finish, cat people deserve more credit than the whole "crazy cat lady who drinks wine alone" thing and spoiling your cat doesn't make you a crazy cat person if people are paying $125 to get a freaking.

In this california chic nursery from a house in the hills the floating shelves animate the bright white wall in this adorable nursery designed by chango co the lucite shelving unit is shaped like, one of my favorite diy bloggers not martha has come up with a great project: a floating shoe cats are great generally low maintenance the ideas for turning big cupboards entryway shelves and.

The pop of color in the abstract photography on the floating shelf is a nice touch and simply lean your instrument against the wall as makeshift dcor built in shelves will help you keep those, few design trends are as ingenious as they are beautiful recall how glamorous open shelving kitchens seemed like a good idea until we all realized how annoying it would be to dust them but a recent. To clarify the "stuff" she's referring to a vast collection of prints by almost every legendary photographer all of whom she's worked with that messily overlap with one another on rows of