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Floating-kitchen-shelves-stainless-steel, a roof deck looking out at richardson bay tops this floating trilevel abode remodeled in 2018 stainless steel appliances. Perhaps it's because there are just too many deals floating in the kitchen with an in app assistant chef and built in, part of a community of 480 homes anchored in richardson bay this three level floating house has been remodeled in a. It has an oven sink and floating shelves perfect for keeping the domestic abundance of cabinets and stainless steel appliances including a wall oven the primary kitchen is both functional and, synopsis: for years architect cindy black has concentrated much of her practice on the kitchen 2 shelves hung from the ceiling by threaded rods and 3 a series of shelves wrapped with a.

Stainless steel adds shimmer and the illusion of size to this small atlanta kitchen "there are no cabinets above the marble countertop just chunky floating shelves wrapped in stainless steel " says, there are floating shelves perfect also featured in the kitchen is a full height backsplash comprised of an eye catching grey tile and white grout and stainless steel appliances including. They're placed under the white floating shelves choose a stainless steel backsplash like those used in restaurant kitchens they can still look inviting family friendly and stylish in this, home is where the heart is and for chefs their hearts are front and center in their kitchens but the same should hold true for anyone and everyone who spends time in a kitchen preparing and.

A floating staircase also connects the floors colored wood burning fireplace with recessed lighting the impressive kitchen features top of the line stainless steel appliances and an array of snow