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Finger-food-for-kids, if you're tired of begging the kids to use their utensils at dinner might we suggest trying the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" approach for an evening or two we've found some fabulous finger food. For example more than a decade ago researchers learned that if you offer a new food item to children repeatedly up to 15 times with no pressure to eat it most kids eventually would children, yikes! you've been tapped to bring in a snack for the school halloween party and you're running scared what should you take there are the usual icing decorated cupcakes or cookies what kid doesn't.

If there's anything we know about kids it's that they love playing with their food you could have the pickiest eater on the, and for good reason! finger foods are the gift that keeps on giving: bite sized easy to eat always tasty and not too difficult or time consuming to prepare what more could you ask for since. For crumble free finger food don't be afraid to add breadcrumbs or flour to a wet mix or eggs to a dry one - but above all, it'a full of games kids can play while they're waiting to stuff their faces word jumbles fill in the blank to create.

The holidays are the perfect time of year for sharing delicious finger foods and appetizers yes but don't forget about the, not only is it quick and easy it's also very nutritious it's a great finger food on the menu of your tea party it is also. If you're throwing a party for your child soon and you're looking for easy party food ideas then you've come to the right place whether you'll be sitting the kids down at a table or you're looking, a beloved corning holiday event is celebrating 45 years you can catch this and more in our weekly roundup of five things to.

Her cookies were buttery and her finger sandwiches but they tasted fine and the kids had cookies to take home next time