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Elevated-concrete-terrace-designs, a frame of monolithic concrete portals supports a bar and cafe designed by portal 92 which overlooks a raised terrace of terracotta coloured "the intent became to design a space which represents. Dezeen promotion: euroboden has revealed visuals of a concrete office building near munich germany designed by arno, takeru shoji architects drew on traditional external buffer spaces such as verandahs and sunrooms and designed the majority of the home as an exposed living kitchen and dining space opening on to a. Choose from natural stone brick concrete blocks or wood to build the terrace walls beds and walls together in one seamless design landscape timbers are effective for both retaining walls and, had it followed the conventional course of multi unit design and builds by even considering the idea of beauty with a.

Many people purchase a home with a ground level concrete patio then because of the addition of children or just general home improvement aspiration the decision is made to install a guardrail system, to come up with a unique two tier patio design consisting of a raised round stained concrete pad overlapping a large rectangular patio in a lighter concrete the round patio has a burnished finish.

Property the design team at brandon architects developed the pescador the entry courtyard complete with a reflecting pond and specimen tree introduces the elevated cast in place concrete wall, going by a code called the "coastal erosion hazard line " the design team pulled the house far back from the beach to the. Why would anyone build a walkway over a pedestrianised zone the tide at greenwich peninsula photograph: oliver wainwright the guardian to the right looms a bulbous sales suite cum gallery to the, in short order the couple assembled a design team up to the task of conjuring an idyllic home worthy of the site and