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Download-photos-of-chocolates, paris so this is what freedom tastes like a french chocolate sculptor celebrated the 30th anniversary saturday of the opening of the berlin wall by taking a hammer to a chocolate replica of the. The world of chocolate fundraiser for aids foundation of chicago sets sail on december 5 chicago's premier world aids day event raises funds and awareness for the aids foundation of chicago what:, los angeles calif business wire soylent nutrition inc the makers of soylent drinks powder and soylent squared bars today announced its new green labeled flavor mint chocolate the all new. A shameless shoplifter stuffed sixty packets of biscuits and chocolate into a carrier bag but before he walked out of the shop he also stole a six pack of coca cola and a litre bottle of coca cola, the south brunswick police department tweeted out photos tuesday of a hilarious do it yourself demolition a 37 year old man fell into a 20 000 pound tank of chocolate as he tried to add.

A thief bagged a bounty of stolen goods when he stole 50 worth of chocolate from a nuneaton shop now police want to catch the peckish perpetrator who struck in queens road the man walked into the, while brands like junior mints and mike ike have come under fire for under filling their candy boxes an organic chocolate company is selling giant bags filled with more chocolate than you could.

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Then free hot chocolate and cookies will be served kids can also sit with santa and have their photo taken but bring your own camera please coloring sheets can be picked up at tbk bank or the