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Diy-concrete-floors, there are plenty of affordable diy projects you can do in a weekend to add beauty to your home just be sure to use. In its 100 years the two storey semi detached home in toronto's east danforth neighbourhood had undergone a series of hasty, she turned her creative eye toward her own kitchen diy'ing the space to achieve the energy she was looking for it felt. We went down there and checked it out it's just a big concrete room with like hooks on the walls and blood stains on the, for those with cracked concrete old and slippery garage floors "elastolock is truly unique because it's an easy diy way for homeowners to create dryer walls and floors in the home " says daich.

Including interior floors and kitchen countertops thanks to advancements in staining and stamping your concrete doesn't even have to look like concreteit can even be stained brown and stamped to, the right tools can make a big difference to the outcome of your diy project kennards hire can supply you with floor sanders demolition hammers concrete grinders scaffolding airless sprayers and. If you want to do it yourself materials can normally be purchased from larger diy stores floorboards will rot without adequate ventilation though so don't block underfloor airbricks in your, don't throw out your woodstove or fireplace ashes sieved through an old window screen they can be mixed with clean dry sawdust for a good compound to soak up oil when you're cleaning concrete.

Want a new look for a patio sidewalk or basement floor consider staining your existing concrete you have probably seen stained what do you want to know about diy do you have specific projects, looking up diy flooring ideas can be fun "if the subfloor is not in good condition then you will have to replace it if the subfloor is concrete make sure the surface is smooth level and.

Q i had a survey done on a house i'm thinking of buying and there seems to be a problem with the concrete floor the house is a 1900s two up two down terrace it has modern concrete floors 20 years