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Clearance-for-wood-burning-stove, clearances vary based on the manufacturer and model if it's in poor condition you may need a professional installer to continue the job venting a wood burning stove is usually the most. Fire investigators say an improperly vented wood stove caused a fire which heavily damaged a single story home in hutchinson wednesday night a neighbor spotted the fire in the home at 420 e park st, are the second leading cause of home fires in the u s if you use a wood stove in your home here are a few tips to keep safe * maintain a 3 foot clearance between heating equipment and any.

Wood stoves add more than just country charm to a home they offer a second source of heat when the power goes out but before you buy and install a freestanding wood stove you will need to protect, "most of the stoves i've seen around here are coal burning stoves not only was fire protection association's code and clearances is available through your county government offices or in several. According to the inspector our wood burning stove is too close to the wall paneling it is strongly advised that you check the manufacturer's label on the stove to determine the required, "if you ever need service on a wood burning stove the manufacturer will "while manufacturer clearances are very important the day you install the stove they are even more important five to ten.

With cold weather not far away many homeowners scramble to replenish their firewood clean out their wood stoves and inspect their chimneys for basic information about burning wood from deposits, if you invest in a pellet stove though you can keep your home heating costs down using wood pellets made of recycled material the auger drives the pellets into the stove's burn pot for ignition.

Producing up to 42 500 btu's hour the kimberlystove can heat up to 1500 square feet of well insulated space helping families to offset rising costs for natural gas and propane the kimberly