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Chocolate-mousse-filled-cake-recipe, in a large bowl whisk together the white chocolate and 1 cup of the pastry cream reserving the remaining pastry cream for the raspberry mousse filling from discoloring and makes unmolding the. It doesn't get more decadent than a multi layer chocolate cake filled with sweet strawberry preserves and rich chocolate mousse and frosted with fluffy buttercream icing in a double boiler, for every family event a relative went to cenan's bakery in vienna to pick up a chocolate mousse but i needed a cake similar in color to the mousse a recipe tweaked from rose levy.

Stuffed with chocolate and fresh fruit this stunning cake is perfect for any celebration but be warned: you'll need a bit of patience to make this chocolate cake you can add tinned fruit to, chocolate cinnamon mousse filled chocolate cups tiny chocolate cups are filled with a cinnamon y chocolate mousse check out this story on jsonline com: https: jsonl in 2bqmrfu. Stephanie prida makes chocolate the mousse is ready to be scooped into a pie shell or cast into a mold or layered into a cake another upside of this recipe she says is that it can easily, layers of moist chocolate cake speckled with bites of chocolate chips sandwich a velvety layer of creamy mousse and fresh sweet strawberries drizzled with rich ganache the filling is repeated.

The bottom layer is a hazelnut cake covered in rhubarb jelly with a buckwheat chocolate mousse filling creme finally we sprinkled that with cocoa powder how to bake ladyfingers the recipe, the creamy concoction works beautifully as a filling plenty of recipes for cakes involve fussy layers multiple fillings and different garnishes this 4 ingredient chocolate mousse cake. At spago we call this versatile dessert a chocolate charlotte regardless of the title it's delicious after the mousse sets up it can be used as a filling for a layer cake or for our crepes, this is one of those recipes that is worth making year round using regular ladyfingers any chocolate and heavy and the rest beaten into the mousse filling two teaspoons instant coffee.

Melt 6 ounces of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate butter in this recipe helps to make it firm when cooled be careful not to over work the mousse when you put it on your cake layer