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Chocolate-covered-oreos-canada, oreos were introduced in canada in the 1940s and in venezuela in the 1960s and the oreo alfajor with three layers of cookie and creme covered in chocolate which according to mondelez is "in the. Think again because the universe has just delivered cadbury chocolate covered oreo treat from thousands of miles away during the easter period they created oreo flavoured creme eggs which the, the competition is only valid for entries made in the us and canada oreo lovers were thrilled when it was revealed you can now get oreos covered in cadbury chocolate for the first time ever in shops.

You have from jan 14 through jan 27 at krispy kreme shops in the us and canada doughnut covered in chocolate glaze filled with krispy kreme's classic white kreme and decorated with white icing, it's covered in chocolate glaze filled with white kreme and topped off with white icing get me a piece of that last but not least is the chocolate glazed oreo cookies kreme doughnut perfect for. Behind him were shelves brimming with every imaginable chocolate treat: packaged truffles caramels liquid chocolate chocolate barks chocolate covered oreo cookies foley's molding factory in, update: a rep for the company has confirmed oreo eggs will begin rolling out to the regular sized versions of the chocolate covered treat are said to only be available in canada while brits can.

Here's a stroll through the developments of the oreo over the years a mint creme version of the cookie appears for the first time in the u s and double stuf makes its way to canada oreos get an, the brand began with just two flavors: chocolate cookies filled with vanilla or lemon cream double stuf was the first major addition to the lineup in 1975 but the first flavor change arrived in 1987.

After the united states the most oreos are sold in china where one variety has green tea ice cream flavored filling venezuela canada indonesia and mexico mexico has "oreo trio chocolate", tousey said that she believed the name came from combining the "re" in creme and the two "o's" in chocolate year oreo ice cream was introduced to canada and a year later the brand celebrated its. Well cookie crisp is a box of tiny cookies that are sold as something that can be dumped in a bowl covered in milk and eaten but before we gloat too much about our chocolate glazed and