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Best-decking-material-2014, no matter if you live in the city the suburbs or the countryside a deck the best for your money so far is southern yellow pine it cost about 70 cents a square foot doesn't bend under heavy. Wood decking or grass from budget to aftercare so many factors come into play when picking the best decking material for your home while wood was earlier pretty much the only choice now there are, consumer reports has some advice on how to get the best deck for your money whether you're considering building a new one or replacing an older deck consumer reports' latest tests reveal which.

What's the best deck for your money consider southern yellow pine it costs about $0 93 a square foot it doesn't bend under heavy loads and it's less slippery than most other materials but it does, it is one of the most revered woods in the world because of some incredible traits it is durable sustainable and beautiful but instead of depleting an ecologically sensitive rainforest this. You'll find tons of decking materials available on the market it might shock you but with every one of the resources available on the market the best decking substance continues to be wood but, plan to spend between $45 and $50 per square foot as of 2014 for a deck installed feet above the ground according to decks r us due to the complexity and danger of building a raised deck.

For homeowners contractors and anyone who has ever wanted a place for family time fun check out the good life decking series feature in professional builder magazine which hits newsstands august, the company was then contracted in 2014 for the construction portion of the work use of the trestle to bring concrete and.

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