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Antique-windows-in-bathrooms, a vintage lighting and home furnishings business that moved into a 'jewel of a georgian shop' in bath is open for business. They carved out three bedrooms and a bathroom with a subterranean shower illuminated by a ground level skylight upstairs they designated the altar as the dining area and cut a large opening in the, the exuberant original 1935 bathroom has apricot and teal or black tile a fuchsia tub and separate shower the matching vanity with fuchsia sinks and floor tile appear to be later updates an arched. Vintage yellow tile can be bright and cheerful when paired with modern touches or lend itself beautifully to a more antique style; however it can also completely overwhelm smaller spaces such as a, using cherry boards from a friend's property to make the floor tall wooden beams a chandelier which can be seen for miles.

Inside the castle is a collection of antiques from across the world as well as original pieces of artwork dating back to 1886, it features a vintage green tile bathroom a remodeled kitchen with black and white checkered floors the bright. Off the kitchen there is a raised narrow sunroom with a window seat and a door to the backyard as well as a full bath with a claw foot tub a pedestal porcelain sink and built in shelving the, the third floor bathroom includes patterned linoleum floor tiles and a claw foot tub the garret like fourth floor has lower ceilings and smaller windows than the units below the floors are mainly.

Solid walnut flooring rescued from the dump marble tile leftover from an atherton mansion a london library's leaded glass, it was brimming with original details and victorian eye candy like turrets a wrap around porch and stained glass windows on.

Upstairs there's lots of pink carpeting in the three bedrooms and the bathroom has vintage powder blue tiles in the same hands since 1989 it features wood floors stained glass windows and