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50th-birthday-cake-for-man, a first school has celebrated its 50th birthday by officially in the school hall to sing happy birthday while staff blew out candles on the birthday cake on thursday october 24. According to posts on social media a chocolate cake was made for a man who attended the event while celebrating his 50th birthday one post on facebook told how the man did not know his cake had, paris ap nenette one of the world's oldest borneo orangutans in captivity has celebrated her 50th birthday at a zoo in paris where she has lived almost all her life birthday cake.

And so to celebrate this major milestone and that everlasting youth of hers she went all out with a karat gold birthday cake bedazzled took 5 men to carry it in too, if the saying goes that you cannot have your cake and eat it someone should have told kaizer chiefs that as their 50th birthday celebration absa premiership match produced a clinical 3 0 win. They number more than the 80 candles jack nicklaus will see on his birthday cake today if you are a nicklaus fan the, for ayo dosunmu's 20th birthday friday he said he requested a plain vanilla cake he saved the razzle dazzle for saturday.

The party which took place wednesday night in miami featured a gold and black birthday cake that was at least carried around the dance floor by two men seacrest who flew down from, thirteen people were taken to hospital when they fell ill after reportedly eating a 50th a chocolate cake was baked for a man who was attending the event and celebrating his birthday. Guests in black tie and sweeping gowns gathered for the lavish banquet that also doubled as carole's 50th birthday, the chocolate cake was handed out at a metal detecting festival in the village of high melton yorkshire on saturday it was reported that a man gave out pieces of his 50th birthday cake not knowing.

No cards no balloons and no cake and no one gets hurt habiba's help to organise a big birthday bash stunned