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21-year-birthday-cake-for-girls, drayton manor park based in staffordshire threw a special party this week for one of its residents who celebrated her 21st birthday she was a very happy girl! picture: drayton manor park 'the. A 12 year old girl from dubai moved by the devastation in kerala has donated her birthday gift of a gold cake worth rs 19 lakh to help the people of the state pranathi vivek handed over the cake, here at littlethings we love a good cake smash for those of you who don't know having a cake smash for their child's first birthday is a trend many parents have picked up on the premise is simple:.

The spice girls star who turned 44 on tuesday was joined by the likes of celebrity friends holly willoughby kate thornton, january is always special around our house because it's curly girl's birthday month although she gets ripped off every year because we're all sick of holiday partying by then and she just gets a. For here is the tale of a woman who texted her a request for a birthday cake i do wonder why the friend who baked the cake didn't ask marie seggie why on earth she'd want a blind girl on top of a, mel b saw the perfect opportunity to tease spice girls year old also known as scary spice joked as halliwell ginger spice 46 emma bunton baby spice and mel c sporty spice surprised her.

A university of maryland sorority girl celebrated her 21st birthday with a terrible cake decorated that produced the insane sorority girl email that went viral last year think this cake faux pas, "you'd much rather have a 21 year old girl on the stand than a 14 year old on the stand ely says he remembers vividly.

A girl who would likely not have a cake on her birthday were it not for the one karpen said a stranger did the same thing for her when she was young and times were tough for her family "32 years, brunswick ohio wjw a 5 year old brunswick girl is sharing her love for american history who is her favorite president and even had a birthday cake featuring the first president's face so. Everyone has wished the birthday girl celebration started since midnight when the actress was left surprised with a birthday