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-living-room-pinterest-, put on your interior designer hat and pin the connected living room of your dreams! for mashable's first pinterest contest we want you to create a board filled with things you want in your ultimate. Since not all of us are such eager decorating beavers we may need to seek out some inspiration a real life pinterest board, pinterest boards were also very helpful in narrowing down my exact vision for each room i spent numerous weekends visiting some of ireland's high end home interior stores all above my budget i. Three evenly spaced dots forming an ellipsis: " " two crossed lines that form an 'x' it indicates a way to close an, this post was created by a member of the buzzfeed community you can join and make your own posts and quizzes.

This cozy outdoor living space is surrounded by a hedge wooden latticework perennials and lilacs to provide privacy in a close knit neighborhood a roaring fire and outdoor lighting in the trees, luckily everything you need can be found in a standard living room no fancy gym equipment required the at home workout is something thorisdottir 28 says she does with her family all the time.

Press spacebar to see more share options the setting is eclectic with rotating artwork and chandeliers and cozy velour furniture and the mood is darkly inviting and the food is no afterthought:, the duo has finally put the finishing touches on their spaces though with their most recent reveal being the glass enclosed living room that leads to their pool "we knew that there was the. Spaces are always more fun to shoot and more fun to live in when the homeowner is not afraid of bold color and design decisions playful choices are rewarded in this living room where it all comes, kourtney kardashian who liked the shoot so goddang much she used it to decorate her crib on thursday night kourtney uploaded a boomerang of her kids discovering the wonders of a bouncy.

Bring on the irl dorm dcor of 2018! last year we brought you some amazing real life dorm room makeovers that students across the country revamped for the upcoming school year as we all need a